Oppo reno 6 phone With Ultra Fast Charging Power


With the Oppo reno7 it is possible to get a top of the range mobile phone. The most striking feature of this handset is the stunning six mega pixel camera which captures photos in the best quality possible. The regular OPPO Reno features a powerful dual core processor, plenty of memory space and expandable storage capacity that allows you to store your information from one memory card or even multiple memory cards. If required, you can even plug in a Bluetooth device, digital camera or flash drive to augment your multimedia features. oppo reno 6

The latest handset from Oppo, the Oppo reno6 features a stylish metallic body, powerful processor and powerful memory to give you everything you want in a mobile phone. The regular OPPO Reno comes loaded with a MediaTek chipset and a high density 900 x capacitance screen which give it a high contrast ratio. The device also features a dual touch LED bar that makes it easier to use as well as a high definition camera with digital zoom. The sleek metallic body of the smartphone runs on the dual core MSM 4890A chipset along with a Adreno 430 processor.

In the Oppo reno6 there is a total of two ways in which you can make calls. You can either have the handset connected to a conventional landline or you can go for the VoIP technology that has the feature of data backup. The VoIP feature helps you make calls even while you are travelling. This handset comes with a USB interface that also supports the Bluetooth technology to enable you to make calls directly from your Bluetooth headset rather than having to use the handset.

The Oppo reno6 pro comes with a large 1 GB memory, which gives you ample space to store all your emails, text messages and other data. The handset also features a powerful multimedia player that enables you to enjoy your favorite music from your favourite radio channels. It is also endowed with a dual cameras – a standard one with a 10.2 MP resolution and a Carl Zeiss lens with optical zoom. The camera setup of this smartphone is really impressive. You can record videos in high definition format up to a few seconds in duration.

Another amazing feature of the Oppo reno6 is its ultra fast charging system. You can charge your mobile up to fifty percent in just thirty minutes. The other amazing feature of this amazing handset is its multi-functional display. With a density of just 900 pixels, this smartphone easily takes up twice the memory as compared to other leading devices.

In terms of connectivity, the Oppo reno6 who comes along with the typical features like GPS, Bluetooth, Wifi, micro USB, Omegouder, VGA camera and Dual SIM cards. Other important features like heart rate monitor, pedometer and thermometer are present in this android device as well. If you want to take this smartphone with you anywhere, you can also purchase the special SIM card. Apart from this, the Oppo reno6 are also comes with a lot of other handy applications like MMS, thanks to which you can send any image to your friends.

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